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Do you want high functioning teams? Have day long workshops, but the energy fades over time? Has your organization grown to the point that people are no longer connected to your main goals?  I’ve developed a one hour or one day set of exercises that attendees can take with them to improve meeting, team and individual performance.  Read more

Stress/Weight Concerns

Stress can affect your brain, and if your brain has sustained an injury, you brain can be affecting your stress levels. And as we all know, stress can lead to weight gain or too much weight loss, creating a vicious circle.   Neurofeedback, EFT, and/or EMDR can help you sort out your beliefs from an actual brainwave imbalance.  Neurofeedback helped me lose the over 70 pounds I gained after my head injury.  If we can reduce your stress and retrain your brain, it may help you too.  Read more


Are you tired of your job, but don’t know where to you want to go? Do you have a difficult conversation/presentation coming up and need a strategy? Are you concerned about your stress levels or brain fog? Perhaps you’re not earning the money you believe you deserve.  Let’s talk.  We can set up sessions via Skype or in person if you are in the Bay Area.   The first strategy session is free.  Let’s get you started meeting your goals and achieving your dreams.  Read more


I am passionate about sharing information on head injuries, and what worked for me.  I’m encouraging people from all over the world to share their stories of neurofeedback on my site here and on my Facebook page.  Read more

I found out about neurofeedback from a vocal coach, and it saved my personal and professional life. So I’m sharing my story on my website ( which discusses TBI, MTBI, neurofeedback, Auditory Integration Training, body work, and all the things that helped me heal.  Neurofeedback also helps ADD, ADHD, brightens your brain, helps you cope with brain fog, menopausal symptoms, meditate and organize better, and improve your golf swing.  If you live in the Bay Area I can facilitate your brain training as part of my coaching practice. We can find out where you are and what you can achieve. I am BCIA trained and work with a Licensed Practitioner when required.

I’m also available to speak about my experience in brain injury/concussion recovery.

I know a great deal about solving all of these issues.  I’ve been an organization development consultant and I’ve recovered from a brain injury.  I’ve studied with world reknown teachers and worked with Fortune 500 companies.  Let me help you meet your goals.   And if you know a bit about neurofeedback, live in the Bay Area, and would like to see what your brain is trying to tell you, click here.

My Brain Injury — The Short Story

My own journey with neurofeedback began in 1994.  I fell in my apartment, had bleeding in the right temporal lobe, a hairline fracture on the bones that support the middle ear, and a whole lot to learn about concussions!  I tried many things that helped me up to a point:  body work (cranial sacral work, chiropractic, osteopathy); auditory integration training; neurological testing; changing my diet; etc.  Those things worked up to a point — that point being that I couldn’t work two days in a row because I couldn’t remember how to do on the second day what I knew how to the first day.   If I had enough rest, I could work every other day.  If I had two-three days off I could work a “normal” day. But I was nowhere near normal.

It was neurofeedback that got me back working full-time and more.

Neurofeedback gave me (and my brain) a visual image of what was going on, and what I needed to fix. I was hooked up to a computer via some electrodes (a paste attachment, nothing invasive). And my brain for the first time could see what was wrong. In my case, I had way too many Delta waves (the sleeping brain waves) dominating my brain.  In my then laywoman’s terms, I was sleep walking.  I needed to reduce my delta waves, eliminating the jagged spikes I could see on the screen, and as I did so; my brain came back “online.”  I also needed to reduce some over-helping Beta waves (I had some compulsive thinking going on); and increase my alpha waves so I could enjoy simple things again.  For me and many like me, neurofeedback was and is a miracle.   Read more about my story,  or get more information on neurofeedback below and on other pages on this site.

Team that works together to Get Things Done!

Peak Performance

Neurofeedback: A Brain On Fire!


Your company, your management team, or your supporting teams need to be at their best to support your corporate goals.  There are many techniques for building teamwork, but only the MindPath Brainpower & Energy Breakthrough sessions will provide tools for the team and each individual to use on a daily basis to boost energy and morale.  This session can be for one hour just prior to a big meeting, or we can work to tailor it specifically to your team for a whole day or two.  Find out more here.

MindPath Coaching

Working on your life goals can be challenging in the midst of day to day life.  MindPath Coaching can help you find out if your own brain is in your way, and/or if your beliefs are holding you back.   Do you find yourself forever dreaming, but not moving ahead?  Are you easily distracted or discouraged by set backs?  We can use my skills in organization development, business planning, neurofeedback and EFT to get to the root of your core issues.  This is not therapy, but instead a chance to take look at yourself and create some strategies for moving forward. Find out more


There have been many formal research studies as well as anecdotal reports that people have successfully trained regarding ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Hyperactivity, Social Issues, Accident Related Brain Injury, Stroke, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Menopause, Auto-Immune Disorders, Seizures, Psychological Issues, Depression, Manic depression, Compulsivity, Eating Disorders, Stress, Peak Performance, Fibromyalgia, and Sleep Disorders.  Your brain will let you know what is out of sync, and I will facilitate your brain training.   Find out more  

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