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Today is the Day

Hello Everyone! Today is the day that I start posting my blog, The Serenity Chronicles. It feels ground breaking to me, and is the start of a new adventure. I can feel my old construct crumbling and get a sense of exhiliration, as if I’m stepping out on a brand new stage. Welcome to my journey!

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Magic! Or Just the Law of Attraction at Work?

Magic & Wealth Grant me the serenity to allow wealth to fall freely into my life. So many of us are caught up in concerns about money. We hear and read constantly that times have been tough and daily we are inundated with statements about the 1%, the 5% and the rest of us. Even writing out those terms makes me tense. There is much literature on beliefs, affirmations and wealth. There is a list of those books in the resources section of this book. There is also a great deal of money out there in the universe. It is

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Let my expanded sense of serenity begin by beginning my blog.  I have always found that expressing myself, through words, dance, art or even pounding pillows if need be — starts me on my way. While I’m focusing on neurofeedback, I also intend to focus on goal setting, weight loss, what’s blocking you, and so much more!  I believe that we have so many possibilities at our fingertips!  But let’s start with our brains.  The first step is to talk.  What are your goals in life?  Where do you feel blocked? The next step is to hook you up to the computer

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Where are you today?  Where do you want to be?  What’s holding you back?  Sometimes you don’t even have the chance to ask ourselves these questions.  I can help you solve that problem.  Even by making the first appointment with me or someone else you’d like to work with will start you on your way.  Start today!

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If you read my story, you’ll see that I had the concussion blues for a long time.  There are so many different ways to deal with concussions — but the worst is “It will solve itself in time.”  Wherever you are now, keep looking for solutions that fit your life.  And remember, even if it feels dire right now, no situation comes without its gifts.  I’ll be continuing this blog soon.

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