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MindPath Coaching:  Serenity, Meditation, Alpha Waves, Stress Reduction, Meeting Your Goals

Serenity encompasses so very much of what makes us human.  The capacity to find peace in the midst of chaos, taking a moment to breathe, taking a moment to think — all these are the aspects of a balanced brain and belief system.  If your brain is lacking in an alpha wave response, or as you age you’re finding that you’re not quite as creative as you used to be, then you are not getting the enjoyment out of life that you deserve.  And that’s when you might be trying to use caffeine to give yourself a boost, or sugar, or that glass of wine — when what you really need is the ability to relax and refresh simply by sitting and closing your eyes for a moment.

Or perhaps you hold conflicting beliefs in your life that are preventing you from achieving your goals, and that cause you an underlying anxiety and frustration.  Just as one simple example — I need money and Money is bad — is only going to set up a conflict in your life.  MindPath coaching is a multi-level approach.  First we’ll sit down and discuss your goals.  If you live in the Bay Area, we can do a Brain Breakthrough session and see what your brain can tell you about where you might need some brain training to facilitate your goals.   We might also use a technique called EFT to work out conflicting, non-supporting beliefs that you may hold.  EFT uses statements and tapping on accupressure points to help you release emotions around beliefs that no longer serve you.  (There is a ton of information on the web about EFT and I’m providing some of those links below.   You can try it yourself to test it out.)

You may also be a caretaker of a child with an illness, an aging parent or spouse and you’ve lost your ability to truly relax.  You haven’t been taking care of yourself and it’s affecting all aspects of your life.   Working with a Life Coach can help you put the focus back on you and give you the tools to manage stress.   We can examine your daily life and see if there are tasks that can be eliminated or “outsourced.”  We can look at your short and long term goals and gain perspective.   We will help you build a support system.

Call or email today to set up a time for preliminary discussion and let’s get moving to get you where you want to be.

EFT Basics

EFT and Stress


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