Let my expanded sense of serenity begin by beginning my blog.  I have always found that expressing myself, through words, dance, art or even pounding pillows if need be — starts me on my way.

While I’m focusing on neurofeedback, I also intend to focus on goal setting, weight loss, what’s blocking you, and so much more!  I believe that we have so many possibilities at our fingertips!  But let’s start with our brains.  The first step is to talk.  What are your goals in life?  Where do you feel blocked?

The next step is to hook you up to the computer so that your brain can talk to you via brainwaves.  You can get so much information this way!

This is not therapy and I am not a doctor — it is brain training and learning some EMO Techniques that you can take with you.

Call me today!  Let’s talk about what YOU want from your life.


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