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Master Teacher Introduction

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I made a separate Introduction recording to MindPath’s Meeting the Master Teacher Within because I think you’ll enjoy listening to the Master Teacher recording over and over.  And I always find it irritating when I have a recording I like to listen to, but I have to hear the introduction each time.

If you don’t care to listen to the Introduction and would rather read the introduction, my main points are:

  • Thanks to Jean Houston, a living Master Teacher who has inspired me for most of my life.  I’ve modeled this exercise closely to one of hers.
  • It’s not meant to induce a deep hypnotic state — however — DO NOT USE THE MASTER TEACHER TAPE WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.
  • Give yourself the gift of taking 15 minutes for yourself.  Find a quiet space.  Don’t check your email.  Don’t text anyone.  You deserve it!

The Introduction is below:


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