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I believe that too few medical professionals, and individuals who need help, know about neurofeedback.  There are more and more professional articles written and studies performed about neurofeedback — however — what will move neurofeedback into mainstream medicine will be the demand for it.  I invite you to share your neurofeedback story here.  If you’re like me, neurofeedback changed your life for the better.  I got my brain back after a MTBI.  .
People who are searching for solutions may come across your story and ask their doctors about neurofeedback.  You may also inspire that person who feels helpless in the face of a TBI to get more help and to know that it is not too late.

Share your story, the type of neurofeedback you used, and maybe the type of practitioner you worked with.  Let’s build a community of survivors.

My story is here.  What’s your story?

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