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The dysregulated brain has great difficulty in supporting a weight loss (or gain) program.  A brain in stress will become a body in stress, just as eating poorly will lead to a poorly operating brain.

Your brain is the key to your health. It is your brain that leads you to exercise or stay in bed. It will also help you stick to your diet goals — or not.  Ultimately it decides whether or not you will eat healthy food all day long, or snack on junk foods.

The Brain Breakthrough Session provides you information about your brain.  I suspect that if you are dealing with a struggle in losing, then re-gaining, then losing weight again that your brain is showing signs of stress and is out of sync.  Once you and your brain can see the results of that stress, we can work together to re-train your brain.

After my head injury I gained over 70 pounds.  Nothing I seemed to do would help.  Once I started neurofeedback, I could stick to my food plan and I lost that weight — and kept it off.  I can’t guarantee that neurofeedback will help you lose weight.  However, I can promise that you can learn to train your brain to relax, focus, and make things happen!

There are just starting to be scientific studies that support neurofeedback used for weight loss.

Here is just one:  Bartholdy 2013 EurEatDisordersRev NFB for eating disorders

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