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MindPath Care Centers, NC’s Leading Outpatient Behavioral Health Provider, Hires Leading Addiction Specialist to Launch Outpatient Addiction Recovery Centers

NEWS PROVIDED BY MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare PLLC
Aug 12, 2019, 09:04 ET

DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCarePLLC, is pleased to announce that Dewayne Book, MD, a Duke University-trained psychiatrist with a specialty in addiction medicine, has joined as Medical Director of the new MindPath Addiction Recovery Center.  The center offers an outpatient program to serve chemical and alcohol-dependent patients in North Carolina.  With nearly 30 years of experience in substance use disorder treatment and recovery, including as Medical Director of Fellowship Hall Treatment Center, one of the leading addiction centers in the country, Dr. Book is now accepting new patients at the center located in Raleigh.  The program, one of the few outpatient programs of its kind, is covered by most major insurance plans.

The need for outcomes-based, physician-led, and insurance-eligible addiction treatment programs in North Carolina has never been higher.  In North Carolina 5 people die every day, and more than 2000 died in 2017, from unintentional opioid overdose. This was 34% higher than in 2016.

Roy Dewayne Book, MD | Addiction Medicine Specialist

“Addiction is a neurobiological disease, not a moral failure or weakness, and our program is designed with that science, and that approach to treatment, in mind,” Dr. Book explained. The negative stigma of having an addictive disorder makes seeking and finding treatment difficult for patients.  At the MindPath Addiction Recovery Center patients will find a very welcoming and understanding group of clinicians who understand that there is no room for prejudices in what will be a life changing choice for patients.”

“During a time when we are facing an opioid crisis in North Carolina and alcohol abuse is the 3rd leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. we aim to be part of the solution,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of MindPath Care Centers.  “Given our size, outpatient focus and the breadth of our mental and behavioral healthcare services, we have the unique ability to launch this truly comprehensive, integrative program. I could not be more excited to have Dr. Book leading that mission for us,” he added.

MindPath’s Addiction Recovery Center is unique in the landscape of substance use disorder treatment, embracing a more comprehensive and scientifically grounded approach to treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment affords patients the opportunity to continue to lead their lives while gaining the knowledge and skills to begin a recovery process. The new clinic combines the most recent advances in chemical addiction research with long-term, individualized therapy that stresses self-compassion, community building, and relapse prevention.  Treatment will consist of group and individual therapy, education and medication assistance when warranted.

Some people who struggle with a chemical addiction have additional psychological challenges that compound their suffering, complicate their treatment and compromise the likelihood for a successful outcome. MindPath at Carolina Partners provides the full continuum of behavioral healthcare services to address these obstacles.

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MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC is committed to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive outpatient mindcare to help people navigate life’s challenges, whenever and wherever they need it. Our unique, collaborative care approach, whether through medical management or therapy, and the integration of the latest treatments and technologies, ensures our patients receive the continuum of care required for optimal outcomes. Our services are delivered at more than 20 locations, through individual appointments, group sessions and our telehealth platform.  More than 160 providers within the company participate in most major insurance plans.

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