Neuropsychiatric Testing

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During a physical health exam, your doctor usually checks things like your blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. Since your brain is part of your physical body, it should also get occasional checkups. This is where neuropsychiatric testing, also known as neuropsychological testing, comes in.

What is Neuropsychiatric Testing?

Neuropsychiatry combines neurology (the health of the brain and nervous system) with psychiatry (the study and treatment of mental health and behavior). Neuropsychiatry looks at how the physical health of your brain may affect your behavior and thinking.

Neuropsychiatry looks at behavioral and mental symptoms and considers whether a condition in the brain may be causing it. Neuropsychiatric testing helps clinicians understand your mental health needs and determine the best treatment.

Neuropsychiatric testing does not have side effects the same way that medication or other testing may involve. In fact, one of the purposes of neuropsychiatric testing is to help find the best treatment for your specific symptoms and needs. This can actually help reduce the risk of side effects from medication and other treatments.

Neuropsychiatric testing can check areas such as:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Mood and emotional responses
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Language skills
  • Sensorimotor skills (how you receive and respond to information from your physical senses)

Neuropsychiatric testing can help with both diagnosis and treatment of a cognitive, emotional, or psychological issue. One condition can show different symptoms in different people, or two different conditions may show similar signs and symptoms. With neuropsychiatric testing, providers can be better informed about how to treat conditions such as dementia, ADHD, developmental disabilities, seizures, and many other neurological and mood disorders.

Our providers may recommend, but not require, the following services to get a better idea of your specific needs:

  • Quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG), a test used to find problems related to the brain’s electrical activity
  • Pharmacogenetic testing, which involves swabbing for cheek cells which are then sent to a lab for analysis to help choose the medication or other treatment that you are most likely to respond to

Some of these tests or devices can reveal if some brain circuits are not functioning normally, which can cause many emotional or behavioral symptoms.

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