Why You’ll Love Mindpath Health

Pave Your Unique Path

Make a lasting impact with an organization dedicated to your success. Here, you can explore your interests and establish yourself as a thought leader. Whether your goal is empowering the team around you, changing the way communities perceive mental health, or advancing within the field, Mindpath Health values your opinions and provides opportunities that elevate your voice and potential.

We are encouraged to apply to positions within the company. I appreciate that [Mindpath Health] encourages our advancement and want to promote from within. They are dedicated to finding opportunities for us to participate and be engaged.

For me, personally, there have been great growth opportunities. I have gone from Front Office Coordinator to Team Lead to Operations Supervisor. The company has grown as a whole, and with that, there are huge opportunities for us to grow along with the company.

Find Inspiration

Join Mindpath Health where you will find inspiration in your daily interactions. You will be surrounded by people who share your mission to improve access to mental health care and see patients progress in their journey. Whether providing patient care or supporting your team, you will achieve more as part of a community that is better, together.

When individuals are seeking help it’s not just another place where they are going to get medication or therapy. We actually care about the individual and we make sure [their treatment] is actually what they need and is helping their lives for the better. It is about having empathy and understanding for each individual and I love that CP embodies that in their mission.
Front Office Coordinator

For me, our mission and vision are both to help the community and to meet patients where they are. We are making a difference by providing access to care to as many people as possible. We are removing hurdles, helping those who need it most, and impacting the community. The mission is very well aligned with how I see my work as a clinician.

Connect with Community

At Mindpath Health, it is not just about the communities around us. We are a community of our own, built on a foundation of mutual respect and gratitude. You will enjoy the connections you make, the collaborative way you contribute to problem solving, and the way everyone recognizes and celebrates success. You will love being part of a team that lifts each other up each day.

The support staff and front office staff are  super engaging and responsive. They are always willing to help me out. Whenever I have a problem, there are always people ready to jump in and help me to find a solution.

We all work as a team and everyone’s position has an intricate part in patients care, even if their part may be very small when it comes to actual medical side. Every part is important, and every team member is important.
Front Office Coordinator

Team Member Perks and Benefits

Peer Collaboration Program

Connect with your clinical peers in monthly group meetings to discuss clinical topics, cases, and new developments in the field of mental health.

Values-Driven Organization

Act with Courage
Strive for Excellence
Express Compassion
Practice Inclusion
Be Better, Together

Clinical Decision Support

Evidence-based clinical decision support, integrated directly into our EHR. You’ll have access to patient education material as well as free CEUs.

Competitive Total Rewards

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, 401k and investment in your professional development and wellbeing.

Social Impact Team

We partner with local non-profits who are making a big impact to address social disparities and total health outcomes.

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