Alison Lovkay

Physician Assistant

Charlotte, NC


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About Alison Lovkay, MSPAS, PA-C

Alison Lovkay earned her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. As someone who has navigated a large number of branches in healthcare, Lovkay knows how to treat a variety of unique individuals, no matter their condition. With her array of skills and experience, she treats her patients on an individual level, tailoring solutions to fit their needs. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and close friends. Lovkay currently treats ages 12 and up at our location in Charlotte, NC, where she specializes in depression, mood disorder, anxiety, and substance use.

Education & Certifications

– Master of Physician Assistant Studies from Johnson & Wales University
– Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, concentration in Exercise Science from University of Rhode Island
– Physician Assitant Certified, NCCPA
– DEA License
– American Society of Addiction Medicine, SUboxone and Methadone Certification
– Clozapine REMS Program Certified

Conditions Treated

  • Anxiety / Stress
  • OCD
  • Bipolar I & II
  • Depression
  • Adjustment Concerns
  • Eating Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Developmental Disability / Autism
  • Alcohol Use
  • Drug Use
  • Psychosis w/ Long-Acting Injectable
  • Suboxone Treatment
  • Hoarding
  • Post-Partum / Pregnancy Depression
  • Psychosis
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective
  • Grief
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Women's Health - Hormonal Imbalance
  • Depression with Suicidality
  • Depression with Psychosis
  • Severe Bipolar with Psychosis

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna NC
  • Cigna NC
  • Magellan NC
  • Medcost NC
  • UBH NC
  • Humana NC
  • Bright Health NC
  • Friday Health NC
  • insurance-6057

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May 27, 2022

Easy to talk with Allison.


May 26, 2022

Im grateful for her commitment to finding safe solutions for my concerns. I diagnosis customers vehicles all though this isn't the human mind, it keeps those who drive them safe. So I appreciate Alison and her dedication to helping me.


May 26, 2022

She is awesome


May 26, 2022

Ali is absolutely wonderful and truly cares for her patients!


May 26, 2022

Allie diagnosis my issues extremely well. She is helping me slowly reduce a drug I no longer want to take - Klonopin. I have never believed this was possible.


March 10, 2022

Alison was very nice and showed that she cared with compassion and I could tell she knew her stuff.


October 21, 2021

She is awesome!!!


October 14, 2021

She was very sweet and kind. Everything went great. She was very nice. Enjoyed talking to her.


October 14, 2021

Ali has been wonderful to work with.


October 12, 2021

She is an outstanding provider!


October 6, 2021

She gave a level of comfort to the experience.


October 6, 2021

Yes I have really enjoyed mindpath ever since I have been a patient.


September 27, 2021

I ve been very happy under Alison s care. She is very engaging, consistent, and always thorough in her answers to my questions. She calls in prescriptions immediately and they are always accurate. I m very glad I found her.


September 16, 2021

Ease of access


September 8, 2021

Every moment is excellent.


September 8, 2021

Alison is awesome! Very personable and understanding, she listens to my concerns. No concerns, Alison is awesome.


August 31, 2021

Talking to Ali always helps and the portal always helps. I love Ali, she always seems to help. She always helps and is always there for me.


August 20, 2021

Alison is always a very compassionate listener


August 17, 2021

Dr. Alison is awesome - easy to talk to and very understanding!


August 17, 2021

Ali is awesome, mindpath is lucky to have her!


August 12, 2021

Very positive overall experience. Ali is very congenial and easy to speak with.


July 23, 2021

Ali was very professional, warm, and informative. I am very appreciative of her time.


July 19, 2021

I have been with them for six years after several years of looking for the right fit.


July 19, 2021

Allison Lovkay is my Dr. She is A VERY understanding and RESPECTFUL physician!! She wants the best for her patients and truly cares and is very sincere about her role in this program. Hats off to her and the mend family team .. I just want to say thank you for listening during my highs and lows !! d'=


July 15, 2021

Easy to use service, genuinely care about your health


July 14, 2021

I love my doctor. She is easy to connect with and never makes you feel bad. Dr. Lovkay is fantastic. I absolutely love working with her.


July 14, 2021

I have never been this comfortable with a provider, before. And, I believe I am finally on the correct path for my emotional and mental wellness.


July 9, 2021

Always kind to my kids and very knowledgeable


July 7, 2021

Just talking to her is always helpful


July 2, 2021

I like Allison and also the ease of my appointments over the phone.


June 30, 2021

So much easier than driving in, easier to make it to my appt on time, and doesn't impact my workday as much. Love this!


June 29, 2021

Alison treats me like she truly cares. Her compassion and professionalism are unparalleled.


June 23, 2021

All of the staff are friendly and helpful! Ali is super informative and always makes sure to explain everything to me in a way I understand.


June 23, 2021

Felt safe under her care. She was always well informed


June 16, 2021

She is just so down-to-earth and kind. She makes me feel so comfortable.


May 7, 2021

My son LOVES Allie! He opens up to her and she is so sweet to him! She is 100% the BEST OF THE BEST! When you can connect with a 12-year old boy and have him WANTING to come to see you every month you are AMAZING at what you do!


May 3, 2021

Alison is wonderful and I m very fortunate to have found her.


April 30, 2021

Awesome therapist! Alison is genuine,, she listens, remembers, shares valuable insights, and advises me on practical implementation. I am just so thankful that I have someone that truly desires my success.


April 29, 2021

I like Alison. She understands my medication needs and also looks out for potential health risks.


April 28, 2021

Very efficient, I like telehealth, they should continue this post corona.


April 24, 2021

Allison was both a medical provider but also a therapist. She listened to me. I felt from the first appointment with her that she was going to work with me until we found a solution for my depression and she did. d' The smile on her face when I told her my new meds were working. She cares for her patients, that s always obvious.


April 16, 2021

Dr. Ali was extremely compassionate, technically knowledgeable, and conveyed a sense of genuinely willingness to help me get to a stable, functional mindset. I felt her goal was to go beyond helping me 'survive' but to give me tools to thrive. I am so pleased I chose Mindpath. My experience has had a definitive positive impact on my mental health throughout these turbulent times.


April 9, 2021

Always caring and pleasant to talk with


April 9, 2021

Alison is extremely knowledgeable and has high expertise in psychiatric medication. She is also an excellent listener and asks important questions to provide excellent care for the patient. I really appreciate her help!


April 8, 2021

She s the best provider I ve ever had. She has encouraged me in my care journey and I ve had great progress


April 7, 2021

She takes the time to go over all my concerns and always gives me great encouragement!


April 7, 2021

Honestly, every session I have with her, is a highlight.


February 2, 2021

Very empathetic and knowledgeable. Her bedside manner in delivering hard info is appreciated. Everyone was great. I really felt I have made a good choice and will get effective treatment


January 29, 2021

Ali is consistently one of the best mental health care professionals I've worked with.


January 29, 2021

Very competent


January 29, 2021

I don t know what I d do without MindPath!


January 25, 2021

I loved Ali. She was so sweet and kind. When I needed her through the portal she got back to me really fast. Loved her!!! She makes it so easy to talk to. d'


January 20, 2021

She really listens and cares about your well being ! Overall great service


January 19, 2021

Alison took the time to really listen and asked insightful follow up questions that really helped me give a deeper understanding of what was going on and how I was feeling


January 14, 2021

Alison is so supportive and genuinely interested in treating my condition. She s supportive, kind, and overall a pleasure to engage with.


January 13, 2021

I can t explain how grateful I am to have Alison as a trusted resource.


January 7, 2021

Alison is responsive and knowledgeable


January 5, 2021

Alison is compassionate, kind, well educated, and is a REAL person. I am really able to be honest with her and she is real with me. Because of Ali s place in my care, I have been achieving my best life. Thank you does not say enough.


January 5, 2021

Alison genuinely cares about my life and treats me on a very usual level. I always appreciate her level of care and fantastic bedside manner!


December 11, 2020

Allison is amazing. So glad I found her.


December 4, 2020

Highly recommend! My experience thus far has been incredible. Alison is so personable, listens to your concerns, and really looks out for your best interest. I feel she hears me, understands me, and truly cares about my treatment.


December 4, 2020

Alison is literally the best med management provider I have ever had. She s super intelligent, caring and kind. She really does want to help you to feel your best.


November 4, 2020

Ali is a rockstar


October 30, 2020

Alison is responsive and Reliable. Excellent.


October 30, 2020

Lovekay is awesome! She's an active listener and a pleasure to speak with! She's sensitive and very knowledgeable of her craft!


September 30, 2020

Everyone was very kind and we look forward to continued mental health care support.


September 2, 2020

Great staff and provider!


August 3, 2020

I loved it! It was really great to talk to someone who is specialized in what I need help in.